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Our Story

Thank you for your interest in Ewe-nique Designs.  Here I would like to give you a little insight into each and every fleecy team member and character involved in a project.  Everybody provides the most beautifully soft and cuddly fibres for me to turn into something gorgeous or functional.  

Each and every fleecy team member is very precious to me and cared for to the highest degree.  As you can imagine, they all have their own unique personalities and naughtiness but enrich my life in a big way, without them I wouldn’t be able to create all the lovely things that I do.  You can view and purchase some accessories I’ve made with their amazingly soft fleece at The Gourmet Goat Farmer in their lovely Larder Cafe

I hope you enjoy reading their little bio’s and have a giggle along the way! 

Rachel x

Ewe-nique Designs - Animated Picture of sheep moving across the page
Ewe-nique Designs - Rachel - Owner


The Boss!

I’m very lucky to have my lovely sheep and goats living here on our smallholding, they are my precious fleecy family who provide me with the best quality fleece and fibres. I also keep stocks of fleece from other providers who’s attention to animal welfare and kindness is extremely high.

Each piece is made from scratch using modern and natural dyes, spun and woven in my workshop.  It’s very important to me to be able to provide a unique product to you that no one else has.   Something a little special, a piece that will be yours for a long time.

If you’d like to know more just get in touch and let me know what you would like me to make for you.

Rachel x

Ewe-nique Designs - Team Member - Doris the sheep


Head of Wool

I keep everyone in check making sure that we are all good when Rachel isn’t around.  As you can see I am partial to a biscuit or two (or three) and absolutely love cuddles when I can get a look in!

I’m a good boy and don’t tell anyone else but I think I’m Rachel’s favourite!



Ewe-nique Designs - Team Member - Lil'Man the sheep

Lil’ Man

Team Leader 

Whilst Harry is doing his thing (whatever that is) I step in and run the flock!  My fleece is pretty good (better than his) and there is a lot of it.  Rachel calls me Lil’ Man but I’m not really I’m chunky and can hold my own when biscuits are on the offing!

Lil’ Man

Ewe-nique Designs - Meet The Team - Bindi


His Sister!

Hello everyone, my name is Bindi and I am a Pygmy Angora goat with the most gorgeous white fleece.  It should be lovely, I spend so much time preening myself and keeping in shape running around the paddock.  I have the most wonderful horns and I’m rather partial to a head rub whilst being offered a cracker or two from Rachel.  She is lovely, she understands me, it’s a girl thing!

Bindi x



Her Brother!

Yep I know, I look a lot like Bindi but trust me I’m nothing like her, I’m so much better!  My coat is far more superior and I run this outfit.  Rachel definitely prefers me, well who wouldn’t darling!  My lush white fleece is as soft and cuddly as cashmere and I have to say, it’s so much nicer than those sheep that think they’re the cat pyjamas! Ask Rachel, she knows all about it.


Ewe-nique Designs Sheep

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